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Catch up with our move to the Valley

Oh my goodness, where to even start?! Our move was a bit crazy to start... we thought the house remodel would be done on time and unfortunately it wasn't, also my son started school a week earlier than we thought. That first week in Fresno was a bit nutty. We had to stay in a hotel while the house was made livable. My poor husband worked round the clock and we still have so much to do here, but, we are here! I have had 5 sessions here since we moved and I will update my blog posts accordingly. I was so excited to book in 2 newborns straight away, they are quickly becoming my favorite type of sessions and cannot wait to get the next few in. I'm wanting to get so many new headbands and bonnets but, will have to contain myself for now!

My son and my daughter are settling in nicely. Having the opportunity to see our families all the time has definitely been worth all the headache in the beginning. We moved back to be close to them and we are living it up for sure.

My studio is all set up and such a great space to work in. I just need some storage cabinets to get everything up off the floor and I should be all set. I love to have everything put up and away with a clean neat working space. Photography is such an art that when my studio space is messy it drives me insane. Is anyone else that way??

I hope you all are well and I am very much looking forward to working with this new community of ours!

Attached are some images from my recent sessions!


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